Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound

Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound

With its lightweight ergonomic portable ultrasound design, the Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound can accompany you wherever required. Breaking down the barrier between B/W and Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems, DP-30 is an advanced system equipped with Power Doppler and PW Doppler, providing you more possibilities in various clinical applications.



Gain improved image quality based on auto structure detection

 · Sharper & Continuous Edges

 · Smooth Uniform Tissues

 · Cleaner ‘no echo areas’

Multiple Beam Formation

Maximum 4 times tasking for one transmitted beam, resulting in excellent time resolution and higher frame rate. The Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound will impress you.

Mindray DP-30 Thyroid Image
Mindray DP-30 Thyroid Image



Provides the Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound the ability to directly transfer images and reports to PC via network cable.


Gain instant auto image optimization in B and PW Modes on the click of a single key.


Gain instant full screen view on the click of a single key.


Mindray’s unique Patient Information Management System allowing you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve patient data effectively.



· 12.1 inch high definition LED with full screen design

· 30 degree tilting angle adjustable monitor

· 2 universal transducer connectors

· User friendly control panel with backlit

· Light and compact design for extreme portability

Mindray DP-30
Mindray DP-30