Mindray DC-60

Mindray DC-60 Ultrasound

Mindray's DC-60, incorporating innovative technologies from advanced ultrasound systems, delivers optimal image quality and a wide range of application capabilities all at an affordable cost. In particular, its unique touch gesture feature is designed to help improve workflow and facilitates ease and confidence of use, enabling you to put patient care first. Automation tools including standardized exam protocols and a number of auto-measurement packages, would help you reduce scan time, and increase everyday efficiency. Mindray understands the reality of tight working spaces, so the DC-60 lightweight system has a small footprint for increased portability and maneuverability. In short, DC-60's capabilities and efficiency make it a practical choice and a good investment for clinicians.


Echo-enriched Beam Forming

 Echo-enriched beam former permits the use of traditionally neglected echo signals of adjacent beams to form one finer and stronger imaging beam, providing better ‘out-of-focus’ image resolution and deeper image penetration. 


Natural Touch Elastography

Based on Mindray’s latest patented technology, natural touch elastography reduces dependence on user operation technique, improving operator’s reproducibility for higher clinical utility.

· Higher stiffness sensitivity

· Good stability and reproducibilityhow long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

Elastography Mindray DC-60 Ultrasound
Elastography Mindray DC-60 Ultrasound

Single crystal transducers with 3T technology

Combining with Mindray unique 3T technology (Triple-matching layers, Total-cut design, Thermal control), the brand-new single crystal volume, convex and phased array transducers provide a wider bandwidth to simultaneously offer better penetration and higher resolution, resulting in an optimum scanning solution in OB/GYN, ABD, Cardiology, and more.


eXceptional Intelligence

Intelligence throughout entire workflow

Smart Track

It’s Mindray unique feature to reduce repetitive, time-consuming scanning steps in vascular exams. Smart Track provides intelligent and real-time vessel tracking and real-time image optimization of Color and PW.


iWorks takes advantage of the inbuilt standard scan protocols for more consistency and reduces the exam time by up to 50%. The highly flexible and powerful feature is further enhanced with user-defined capabilities.

Mindray DC-60 Carotid
Mindray DC-60 Carotid

Exceptional Ergonomics

· 17'' LED monitor with 180°rotational angle

· 10.4'' gesture sensitive touch screen with adjustable angle

· Rotatable and height adjustable control panel

· Gel warmer

· Dedicated endo.swfty transducer holder

· Built-in battery

Mindray DC-60 Ultrasound
Mindray DC-60 Ultrasound