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Mindray TE7 & TE5

Mindray TE7Introducing the new Mindray TE7 & TE5 Ultrasound!

The TE7 combines an intuitive user interface with a simplified workflow, an innovative ergonomic design, and focused exam presets. It is designed to provide superior-quality imaging to enable clinicians to make patient-care decisions more quickly. The new TE5 has the same features and performance as the TE7, but has one probe port instead of three. Probes can be swapped in seconds, so if you want to save the added cost of three ports, the TE5 is a great choice.


"Mindray maintains its rapid pace of innovation with the delivery of the TE7 high-performance ultrasound system, providing optimal bedside assessment for patients," said Ms. Sarah Li, General Manager of the Medical Imaging System Business Unit. "We've spent a lot of efforts on developing the TE7, whose touch screen features make it very simple and efficient to operate. The system's image clarity and targeted application presets make it the perfect choice for clinicians keen to make accurate diagnoses across diverse point-of-care scenarios."


The TE7 takes only three seconds to boot up from standby and is equipped with other enhanced features such as iNeedle™ (enhanced visualization for needles), iZoom™ (full screen image), and Smart Track (continuous tracking of color flow and optimization of real-time scanning).


With its slim profile, retractable power cable, and built-in battery, the TE7 is easy to transport and store. The equipment's seamless and non-porous touch screen with a 10-second screen-locking feature makes it easy to clean, even during exams.


The TE7 provides the ideal ultrasound solution for a wide range of applications such as anesthesia and pain management, critical care, emergency medicine, and musculoskeletal bedside examinations.