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Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound

Mindray DP-30
Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System
Exceed Your Expectations

The Mindray DP-30 is a powerful, feature packed B&W Ultrasound Imaging System. Perhaps the best feature is its cost effectiveness. Designed for high performance and value, this system exceeds expectations. The DP-30 can be the perfect fit for those just getting started with ultrasound or the experienced user looking to upgrade their current platform.

New Standard Software
  • iClear - Speckle Reduction
  • iTouch - One touch image optimizer
  • B-Steer - Clearly visualize the needle and anatomy
  • iZoom - Expand the image to full screen
  • Spot Zoom
  • iStorage - Directly transfer images and reports to PC
  • iStation - Patient data management

Mindray DP-30 Ultrasound